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Lucky Job Oil
Attracts employment & helps to win over potential employers, also good for promotions
Price: $15.00

Lucky Magnet Oil
Attracts good luck in all areas of life
Price: $15.00

Lush Life Oil
Clears any blocks to financial gain; financial uncrossing
Price: $15.00

Mars Oil
Planetary and devotional blend for the God of war, passion, strength and motivation.
Price: $15.00

Master Oil
Love matters; to help gain mastery over bad habits
Price: $15.00

Mercury Oil
Planetary and devotional blend. For opening doors, communication, writing and speech, quick thinking, luck, and travel.
Price: $15.00

Millionaire's Dream Oil
Use with money draw to attract wealth
Price: $15.00

Minoan Oil
Minoan circle anointing oil
Price: $15.00

Minotaur Oil
To attract a real stud for serious spiritual love (for gay men)
Price: $15.00

Mission Impossible Oil
Overcoming obstacles
Price: $15.00

Money Drawing Oil
Draws in money quickly. Protects against financial losses.
Price: $15.00

Moon Oil
For all lunar rituals and devotional workings. Helps improve intuition.
Price: $15.00

Motivation Oil
To help you get started on projects; light a fire under your butt!
Price: $15.00

Mystere Oil
Gives an air of mystique & glamour; alluring
Price: $15.00

Necromancy Oil
For rituals involving the spirits of the dead (Same as our Samhain oil)
Price: $15.00

Nine Fruits Oil
Brings luck and bright blessings to all areas of life.
Price: $15.00

Nine Of Cups Oil
Brings long-term projects to completion; wish granting
Price: $15.00

Obatala Oil
Devotional blend for the father of the Orishas. For clarity, healing. forgiveness, peace and temperance.
Price: $15.00

Obeah Oil
Protects against evil in all forms; attracts spirits to aid you
Price: $15.00

Ocean Mother Oil
Brings psychic dreams & visions; fertility magic
Price: $15.00

Ogun Oil
Devotional blend for the Orisha of iron. For strength, perseverance, honorable conduct, protection, surgery, and anything computer-related.
Price: $15.00

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