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Samhain Incense
Sabbat blend for October 31st. Can be used for spirit communication.
Price: $10.00

Santa Marta Incense
Devotional blend for the Dominadora. For reuniting with a lover. Also effective against bureaucratic red tape.
Price: $10.00

Satan Be Gone Incense
For uncrossing, hex-breaking and cleansing a space. Attracts good spirits. Can have curious side effects.
Price: $10.00

Saturn Incense
Planetary and devotional blend for structure, discipline, responsibility and balancing karma.
Price: $10.00

Seven African Powers Incense
Devotional blend for luck, success and protection.
Price: $10.00

Spiritual High Incense
Famous blend of 16 aromatic herbs. For effectively embracing higher understanding as well as prophetic dreams and astral travel.
Price: $10.00

Star Incense
Use to attract popularity, new friends & recognition
Price: $10.00

Steady Work Incense
To help find new employment or to maintain your current job; also great for freelancers to insure a constant flow of work
Price: $10.00

Success Incense
For success in any endeavor
Price: $10.00

Sun Incense
Solar blend for energy, positivity, vitality, inner strength, and self-confidence.
Price: $10.00

Super Banishing Incense
Icy banishing blend freezes out negativity.
Price: $10.00

Uncrossing Incense
Clears all negative energy, blocks and hexes.
Price: $10.00

Uranus Incense
Planetary and devotional blend. For unpredictable occurrences, freedom, rebellion, and nonconformity. Helps you shake loose.
Price: $10.00

Van Van Incense
Cleansing & uncrossing blend from New Orleans. Great for purifying before ritual.
Price: $10.00

Venus Incense
Planetary and Goddess devotional formula. Attracts love and beauty to your life. Also good for prosperity and house blessing.
Price: $10.00

Weekly Clean Incense
Cedar-based incense for cleansing and banishing negativity.
Price: $10.00

Winter Woods Incense
Seasonal blend to celebrate winter
Price: $10.00

Wolf's Heart Incense
To overcome fear & gain courage
Price: $10.00

Yemaya Incense
Devotional formula for the Orisha of the ocean and the moon. For emotional healing, fertility, nurturing, creativity and cleansing.
Price: $10.00

Yule Incense
Sabbat blend for the Winter Solstice
Price: $10.00

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