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Moon Incense
For all lunar rituals and devotional workings. Helps improve intuition.
Price: $10.00

Motivation Incense
To help you get started on projects; "light a fire under your butt!"
Price: $10.00

Neptune Incense
Planetary and devotional blend. For psychic work, greater consciousness and escapism.
Price: $10.00

Nine Fruits Incense
Brings luck and bright blessings to all areas of life.
Price: $10.00

Nine Of Cups Incense
Brings long-term projects to completion; wish granting
Price: $10.00

Obatala Incense
Devotional blend for the father of the Orishas. For clarity, healing. forgiveness, peace and temperance.
Price: $10.00

Ochosi Incense
Devotional blend for the Spirit of the Tracker
Price: $10.00

Odin Incense
Devotional blend for the Norse All-Father, for inspiration, creativity, poetry, wisdom, journeying.
Price: $10.00

Ogun Incense
Devotional blend for the Orisha of iron. For strength, perseverance, honorable conduct, protection, and surgery.
Price: $10.00

Oscar Wilde Incense
Romantic and sexual attraction for gay men.
Price: $10.00

Oshun Incense
Devotional blend for the Orisha of the river. Attracts love, luck, prosperity, beauty and positive attention. Helps you flow with life.
Price: $10.00

Ostara Incense
Sabbat blend for the Spring Equinox
Price: $10.00

Oya Incense
Devotional blend for the Orisha of the wind and the cemetery. For spiritual cleansing, justice, empowerment, transformation, and necromancy.
Price: $10.00

Peace & Protection Incense
For protection against physical and psychic attack. Promotes a feeling of security and peace.
Price: $10.00

Peace/Pax Incense
Relaxation, peace of mind, peace in the home
Price: $10.00

Pluto Incense
Planetary and devotional blend. For deep transformation.
Price: $10.00

Queen Of Sheba Incense
Grants favors from men (money, gifts, affection, etc.)
Price: $10.00

Queen of the Night Incense
Invokes Lilith in her sensual aspect
Price: $10.00

Rebirth Incense
For letting go of past troubles, old pain; cleansing
Price: $10.00

Relaxation Incense
Powerful calming blend. Helps bring sleep and prevent nightmares.
Price: $10.00

Sabbat Incense
General formula for use during the 8 sabbats of the year
Price: $10.00

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