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Aesclepius Healing Candle
Invokes Aesclepius, the Greek God of healing. This candle is designed to help heal on the physical plane through the emotional aura. (***This candle can only have 1 name/sign***)
Price: $40.00

Bast Candle
This candle invokes the Egyptian cat Goddess for joy and protection. For cat magick. A great candle for parties.
Price: $40.00

Crystal Healing Candle
For healing emotional matters. Heals past trauma and promotes mental clarity. (***This candle can only have 1 name/sign***)
Price: $40.00

Divine Protection Candle
The seal on this candle was originally designed by Jeffrey Whitfield (now deceased) of Enchantments Inc. and was originally called the "Magus." It is to call forth the higher mysteries of the God energy. It also prevents psychic takeover, vampirism and psychic attack.
Price: $40.00

Healing Wand Candle
Works through the spiritual plane to heal the body. The seal depicts the Caduceus, the ancient symbol of medicine and healing. (***This candle can only have 1 name/sign***)
Price: $40.00

House Blessing Candle
Cleanses and blesses your living space - whether you've been living there for years or just moved in. It will help put the house in order and keep it blessed with good energy and peace.
Price: $40.00

Justice Candle
Helpful in all legal situations; can help reveal the truth. This candle was designed after the Justice card of the Tarot. It is the scales of heaven and asks the universe to decide where justice should fall.
Price: $40.00

Love & Happiness Candle
Much like a solar blast, this candle focuses on bringing an abundance of love and joy into your life. Paves the way for new friendships and/or relationships, memorable moments with loved ones and increased self-love.
Price: $40.00

Lunar Blast Candle
Harnesses the power of the moon to provide stress relief and relaxation.
Price: $40.00

Mother Birth Candle
A candle for fertility. Can be used to get pregnant, keep a pregnancy healthy and have a safe delivery.
Price: $40.00

Peace & Protection Candle
This candle helps to keep out people who are invading your life through astral vibrations, visitations, psychic attack, verbal abuse, bickering, and paranoia and to quiet people who incite violence, slander and harm to others. It replaces their negative energies with ones of peace and tranquility.
Price: $40.00

Sea Priestess Candle
This seal invokes the power of the ocean mother for deep emotional healing and rebirth.
Price: $40.00

Solar Blast Candle
Helps the Sun come through to cleanse, purge and rejuvenate your entire being. Provides positive energy for all your endeavors. Invites joy into your life. A great 'wishing' candle. Traditionally used to celebrate your solar return/birthday!
Price: $40.00

Song of the Elder Goddess Candle
Goddess-based candle for creativity, inspiration and success in the arts
Price: $40.00

Song of the Elder Gods Candle
A candle for artists, musicians and performers. Provides inspiration, focus and creativity and helps to achieve success.
Price: $40.00

Uncrossing Candle
A purification. Removes negativity, blocks, curses and hexes from all elements of one's life. Can be used to cleanse your home, office, self or those around you. It clears the way for positive vibrations to come into your life.
Price: $40.00

Weight Loss Candle
This candle provides strength and empowerment to people trying to lose weight. Helps you uncover and overcome your issues in this area.
Price: $40.00

Win at Court Candle
For all legal matters, including small out of court negotiations, will help to balance the sides. It creates an atmosphere of understanding so that the judge will be favorable to your arguments.
Price: $40.00

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