Blended Oils 
These intention-based oils are blends of essential and naturally-derived fragrance oils. The following list contains the oils we have premade and available on our oil shelf.

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Price List

Dram: 6.50
Fancy drams, Roller Drams: 7.50
Half Ounce: 14
Roller Half Ounce: 15
Full Ounce: 25
Spray: 8
(Oil mixed with water and alcohol in a spray bottle)

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Special love formula from New Orleans


Ceremonial magic ritual blend

AESCLEPIUS HEALING                    

Traditional blend for healing on all levels

ALL NIGHT LONG                    

Reduces inhibitions  & relieves sexual problems. Simultaneously relaxes and inflames

ALL SAINTS                    

Attracts good spirits, increases psychic power


Blend for use in any white magickal ceremony


Female empowerment blend; high priestess oil


Used to dress candles & altar before ritual

APARTMENT HUNT                  

To help find a new home

APHRODITE LOVE DRAWING                  

Attracts love to your life in whatever form you wish (relationship, friendship, general kindness from others). Helps you feel beautiful and appear irresistible and charming to others


Astrological blend

ARABIAN NIGHTS                    

Attracts new friends & romance


Astrological blend


Increases awareness, particularly in sexual areas; love formula


Attracts love, luck & money

BAD ASS                    

Female empowerment and sexual  attraction formula


Rids one of negative forces and hexes. Can be used to banish specific people or break bad habits

BARON SAMEDI                    

Devotional blend for the Voodoo Loa of the cemetery. Used for working with the Guede.

BLACK CANDLE TOBACCO                    

For success in court cases and legal matters.

BLACK CAT                    

Causes opposite sex to desire you; uncrossing


Astrological blend


Astrological blend

CAT'S KNIGHT LOVE                  

A love attraction formula for gay men

CAT'S NIGHT LOVE                    

A Sapphoric blend for sensual delights for gay women.


Devotional formula for the Orisha of lightning. Inspires passion and fire for life. Great for dancers and performers.


Gambling luck


Anoint forehead for clear vision & wisdom; attracts clients for tarot readers.


Will help to clear negative people and energy from your personal space


Love attraction formula.  Draws in those who you desire.

COME TO ME                    

Sexual attraction formula. Use with caution.


For asserting your will


Clears the mind and facilitates insightful reasoning


Confuses those trying to hex you

CONQUERING GLORY                 

Brings empowerment and strength for overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

CROWN OF SUCCESS                    

Blocks other people’s negativity from interfering with your success and protects against gossip.

CRUCIBLE OF COURAGE                    

Helps in facing and overcoming fears. Builds courage and inner strength

DELPHIC DREAMS                    

Psychic empowerment formula with an element of protection. For astral projection, lucid dreams, and dream enhancement.

DIVINE MUSE                    

Success formula for artists and performers. Provides inspiration, helps with creativity and attracts attention, fame and prosperity.

DOUBLE FAST LUCK                    

Increases luck in all areas. Also for money drawing.

 ELLEGUA ACHE                    

Devotional blend for the Yoruban god of the crossroads

ELLEGUA ROAD OPENER                  

Invokes the Orisha of the crossroads. Open doors, brings new opportunities, helps one get through obstacles.


Devotional blend for the God of love; attracts erotic love (especially good for gay men)


Devotional blend for the Haitian Loa of love, beauty and prosperity.

ERZULI FEMME BLANCHE                  

Invokes the Loa in her purest form to heal love problems on a higher plane. Use white candles only.

ERZULI LA FLAMBEAU                  

Love uncrossing formula; simultaneously relaxes & inflames


For use in new moon and full moon rituals


Powerful aphrodisiac (worn by women only)

FAST LUCK                    

Classic luck attractant; works immediately

FILTHY SHEETS                    

A purely sexual attraction formula


o gain the sight; can be used for astral projection or as traditional flying ointment


Devotional blend for the Norse Goddess of love, war and magic. For love, sex magic, prosperity and shamanic traveling.

FRIENDLY GHOST                     

To help tame those mischievous little sprites (Not for banishing)

GAMBLER'S LUCK                    

Anoint a favorite luck charm before gambling


Astrological blend

GODDESS OF LOVE                    

Powerful aphrodisiac

GOOD EARTH                    

Invokes the element of Earth. For Earth-based rituals and grounding. Helps balance the root chakra.

GOONA GOONA                    

Creates an atmosphere of trust & understanding; facilitates communication

GREAT SEX                    

Aphrodisiac; reduces inhibitions


Uplifting, helps bring joy into the heart

HAITIAN LOVER                    

For men: to attract women


Helps strengthen the mind & body


Devotional blend for the dark mother goddess. Great for new moon rituals.

HELPING HAND                    

Brings peace of mind & harmony to a stormy marriage

HIGH CONQUERING                     

(Also known as High John the Conqueror) Attracts luck in all areas. For strength and overcoming obstacles

HIGH PRIESTESS               

For lunar rituals, psychic initiation & HPS initiation


Devotional blend, use to connect with and honor the divine masculine

HORN OF PLENTY                    

Forces change of fortune; brings wealth

HOUSE BLESSING                    

To cleanse, purify and protect a home. Fills your space with positive energy.

HYAKINTOS LOVER                  

Love attraction formula for gay men

INDIAN SPIRIT GUIDE                    

For invoking your spirit guides


Boosts morale; builds confidence & optimism


Devotional blend for the Egyptian Goddess of magic.


For women: entices men to spend money on you; attracts tips

JU JU                    

Very powerful formula used to hex enemies & to uncross clients/friends


Planetary and devotional blend. For expansion, financial gain, academic endeavors, wisdom and justice.


Pure sexual attraction


Devotional blend for the Hindu Goddess of destruction and creation. Can be used for justice, protection and strength


Calming blend which helps overcome illness & bad luck

LA FLAMME                    

Makes a loved one think only of you

LA SIRENE                 

Devotional blend for the Voodoo Loa of the oceans, rules dreams & singing; mermaid

LA YUMM                    

Sexual attraction; draws a potential mate to be more sexually aggressive

LADY LUCK (FORTUNA)                    

Gambling luck, also to bring about a change of fortune in your life


Devotional for the Hindu goddess of luck, prosperity and beauty


Astrological blend


Astrological blend


Calls forth the Goddess Lilith in her enticing aspect

LOVE CLARITY                    

Helps one sort through emotional issues

LOVE HAUNT                    

To haunt a loved one’s thoughts

LOVE HEALING                    

Use to heal a relationship, help get over a break up, and to heal old wounds and emotional issues.

LOVE SUCCESS                    

For a successful relationship; financial gain

LOVE UNCROSSING                    

Clears negativity and blocks surrounding love in individuals or in relationhips. Can clear the way for two people to be together.

LOVE'S MESSENGER                    

To send a message to a loved one who is far away

LUCKY JOB                    

Attracts employment & helps to win over potential employers, also good for promotions

LUCKY MAGNET                    

Attracts good luck in all areas of life

LUSH LIFE                    

Clears any blocks to financial gain; financial uncrossing


Planetary and devotional blend for the God of war, passion, strength and motivation.


 Love matters; to help gain mastery over bad habits


 Planetary and devotional blend. For opening doors, communication, writing and speech, quick thinking, luck, and travel.

MILLIONAIRE'S DREAM                    

Use with money draw to attract wealth


Minoan circle anointing oil


To attract a real stud for serious spiritual love (for gay men)

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE                    

Overcoming obstacles

MONEY DRAWING                    

Draws in money quickly. Protects against financial losses.


For all lunar rituals and devotional workings. Helps improve intuition.


To help you get started on projects; “light a fire under your butt”


Gives an air of mystique & glamour; alluring


For rituals involving the spirits of the dead (SAMHAIN)

NINE FRUITS                    

Brings luck and bright blessings to all areas of life.

NINE OF CUPS                    

Brings long-term projects to completion; wish granting


Devotional blend for the father of the Orishas. For clarity, healing. forgiveness, peace and temperance.


Protects against evil in all forms; attracts spirits to aid you

OCEAN MOTHER                    

Brings psychic dreams & visions; fertility magic


Devotional blend for the Orisha of iron. For strength, perseverance, honorable conduct, protection, surgery, and anything computer-related.

OSCAR WILDE                    

Romantic and sexual attraction for gay men.


Devotional blend for the Orisha of the river. Attracts love, luck, prosperity, beauty and positive attention. Helps you flow with life.


Devotional blend for the Orisha of the wind and the cemetery. For spiritual cleansing, justice, empowerment, transformation, and necromancy.

PASSIONATE LOVERS                    

Aphrodisiac; reduces inhibitions

PASSION'S TORCH                    

Fiery sexual attraction formula. For igniting your sex life.

PEACE & PROTECTION                    

For protection against physical and psychic attack. Promotes a feeling of security and peace.


Relaxation, peace of mind, peace in the home


For men: to attract a new woman for romance, love


Astrological blend


Planetary and devotional blend. For deep transformation.


Attracts money & success


Protection from magickal attacks

PROTECTION & LOVE                    

To protect an existing relationship from others

PURPLE WISDOM                    

For wisdom & insight in all intellectual or magical endeavors. Opens the third eye for psychic workings and gaining knowledge.

QUEEN OF SHEBA                  

Grants favors from men (money, gifts, affection, etc.)


For letting go of past troubles, old pain; cleansing

RING OF FIRE                    

For passion, romance and devotion.


Astrological blend


Sabbat blend for October 31st. Can be used for spirit communication.

SAN CIPRIANO                    

To bring back a lover, mate

SANTA MARTA                  

Devotional blend for the Dominadora. For reuniting with a lover. Also effective against bureaucratic red tape.


Love attraction blend for gay women


Planetary and devotional blend for structure, discipline, responsibility and balancing karma.


Powerful sexual attraction blend (particularly good for gay men)


Astrological blend


Strengthening & confidence boosting; helps overcome inhibitions


To break up a relationship (can be between yourself & another)


Use to bring peace & harmony

SEVEN AFRICAN POWERS                    

Devotional blend for luck, success and protection.

SHI SHI                 

Draws wealth and luxury. Overcomes poverty

SILK LOVE                    

Use to attract a sophisticated, refined, classy lover to your side


For women: entices men to you

SIREN'S SEDUCTION                    

Sexual attraction for both men & women


Healing & protection

SPECIAL FAVORS                    

Attracts friendly nature spirits, luck & success


Use to attract popularity, new friends & recognition

STAY AT HOME                    

Stops infidelity; keeps them home so you can talk


Solar blend for energy, positivity, vitality, inner strength, and self-confidence.

SWALLOW'S BLOOD                    

Safety in travel; soothes nerves while on the road (No animal ingredients!)


Astrological blend

TWILIGHT LOVE                    

For luck in love matters


Clears all negative energy, blocks and hexes.

VAN VAN                    

Cleansing & uncrossing blend from New Orleans. Great for purifying before ritual.


Planetary and Goddess devotional formula. Attracts love and beauty to your life. Also good for prosperity and house blessing.


Astrological blend

VOODOO NIGHTS                    

Draws others to you; aphrodisiac

WILLOW WORLD                    

Creates an atmosphere of grace, beauty & seduction; for all acts of enticement


Devotional formula for the Orisha of the ocean and the moon. For emotional healing, fertility, nurturing, creativity and cleansing.