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Bad Ass Incense
Female empowerment and sexual attraction formula
Price: $9.00

Crown Of Success Incense
Blocks other people's negativity from interfering with your success and protects against gossip.
Price: $9.00

Divine Muse Incense
Success formula for artists and performers. Provides inspiration, helps with creativity and attracts attention, fame and prosperity.
Price: $9.00

Dove's Blood Ink Incense
Brings peace of mind & happiness (No animal ingredients!)
Price: $9.00

Egyptian Temple Incense
Purifies, banishes, and clears a sacred space. Can be used for any Egyptian rite.
Price: $9.00

Five Finger Incense
Strong protection & uncrossing formula
Price: $18.00

Goddess Of Love Incense
Powerful aphrodisiac, brings out the total animal instincts in the one you desire.
Price: $9.00

Good Earth Incense
Invokes the element of Earth. For Earth-based rituals and grounding. Helps balance the root chakra.
Price: $9.00

Goona Goona Incense
Creates an atmosphere of trust & understanding; facilitates communication
Price: $9.00

Happiness Incense
Uplifting, helps bring joy into the heart
Price: $9.00

High Conquering Incense
(Also known as High John the Conqueror) Attracts luck in all areas. For strength and overcoming obstacles
Price: $9.00

House Blessing Incense
To cleanse, purify and protect a home. Fills your space with positive energy.
Price: $9.00

Kyphi Incense
Ancient Egyptian formula. For banishing evil & negativity, uncrossing and use in any Egyptian rite.
Price: $9.00

Love Uncrossing Incense
Clears negativity and blocks surrounding love in individuals or in relationships. Works to reveal the truth about a relationship - can clear the way for two people to be together or can indicate that it is time to move on.
Price: $9.00

Lush Life Incense
Clears any blocks to financial gain; financial uncrossing
Price: $9.00

Money Drawing Incense
Draws in money quickly. Protects against financial losses.
Price: $9.00

Peace/Pax Incense
Relaxation, peace of mind, peace in the home
Price: $9.00

Rebirth Incense
For letting go of past troubles, old pain; cleansing
Price: $9.00

Relaxation Incense
Powerful calming blend. Helps bring sleep and prevent nightmares.
Price: $9.00

Star Incense
Use to attract popularity, new friends & recognition
Price: $18.00

Steady Work Incense
To help find new employment or to maintain your current job; also great for freelancers to insure a constant flow of work
Price: $9.00

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