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Adonis Oil
Self love and confidence for men
Price: $14.00

Air Oil
Elemental blend
Price: $14.00

Ambrosia Oil
A love blend for soulmate attraction
Price: $14.00

Amethyst Oil
Crystal healing formula; helps with emotional & mental issues
Price: $14.00

Amor Oil
Subtle love formula from New Orleans
Price: $14.00

Angel/Archangel Oil
General good luck; protection from evil spirits & unhexing
Price: $14.00

Anubis Oil
Devotional Blend for the Egyptian Guardian of the Dead
Price: $14.00

Apollo Oil
Devotional blend for the Greek God of the sun, and of music & the arts
Price: $14.00

Arabka Soudagar Oil
Use when business is bad. Attracts luck and money.
Price: $14.00

As You Please Oil
Helps to make others desire you.
Price: $14.00

Astral Travel Oil
Astral projection formula
Price: $14.00

Athena Oil
Devotional blend for the Greek Goddess of wisdom
Price: $14.00

Aunt Anna's Wishbone Oil
Helps dreams & wishes come true
Price: $14.00

Aunt Sally's Dream Powder Oil
Causes prophetic dreams, brings good luck; said to make love dreams come true
Price: $14.00

Beltane Oil
Sabbat blend for the 1st of May
Price: $14.00

Black Opium Oil
Powerful aphrodisiac. Also for psychic workings.
Price: $14.00

Brigid Oil
Devotional blend for the Celtic Fire Goddess
Price: $14.00

Caliph's Beloved Oil
Incites sexual feelings. Attracts lovers.
Price: $14.00

Casual Sex Oil
Sexual attraction formula
Price: $14.00

Crowley Oil
A general, all-purpose oil for both ritual work and raising awareness
Price: $14.00

Crowley Pan Oil
Ceremonial magic sexual attraction formula; satyr oil
Price: $14.00

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