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424 EAST 9TH STREET (Between 1st Ave. and Ave. A.)
(212) 228-4394

Retail Store Hours:
Monday, Wednesday through Sunday 1 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Closed Tuesdays

Located in NYC's "East Village!"

And come and visit our NEW classroom, and take a class.
Enchanted Classes and Studies


***Enchantments does NOT have catalogs.
All merchandise that we carry is featured on this website
and can be purchased directly through this site. Thanks!***

Come and Visit!

Enchantments retail store offers a full line of  Witchcraft,
Goddess, Nature religion products, Classes in the Grove and

Enchanted Classes and Studies
in our new classroom.

Our staff  is always available to answer questions from the novice to the advanced practitioner.  We DO NOT carry any items dealing with black magick.  "Do What Ye Will and It Harm None."  And, remember, "everything you do comes back to you threefold."

Using our "original secret formulary," we can blend over 600 types of oil mixtures to meet specific magickal needs
(please see our Magickal Oils page for a partial listing).

Enchantments Inc. also uses our own formulary to custom blend loose incense (burned on a charcoal) for use in a variety of magickal incantations (please see Custom Incenses page).  We also carry a wide selection of stick incense and incense burners.

Our master candle carvers inscribe 7 day pullout candles in glass with magickal seals and veves, your name and birth sign and anoint  the candle with an appropriate oil.  It's topped off by a "glitter rubbing" to add color energy to the candles.  All candle carving work is done on a personal - made to order basis.  (Please see Custom Candles page).

Enchantments also offer a complete selection of magickal tools including athames, chalices, altar pentacles, bells, swords, brooms, salt and water bowls, God and Goddess statues, cauldrons, libation bowls and wands. We carry a great selection of magickal jewelry including sterling silver pentacles (with or without stones), talismans, rings, pendants, and more.

Our store has a selection of over 100 tarot decks, tarot sets and books.  We also offer tarot pouches and accessories. Music?  Of course.  CDs and cassettes of New Age and Old Age selections.

Our dried herb jars are filled to the brim with everything you might need to create you own special blends. (please see Herbs and Resins page). We also offer resins including frankincense, myrrh, and dragon's blood.  Lodestones, sulphur, Jobs Tears, Adam and Eve Roots, Cascarilla are  in stock.

We offer on-site Tarot Readings (please call in advance for an appointment) and an "Astrological Chart" service.  We will soon be adding "on-line" tarot card readings. But, foremost, we happily offer instruction and advice. If there's something in particular you are interested in, please call in advance @ 212-228-4394.

The RETAIL store accepts Visa/Mastercard and cash.

This website offers only a PARTIAL listing of what Enchantments has to offer.  As time goes on, our merchandise available through mail order will expand.

WHILE YOU'RE IN TOWN... Enchanted Classes and Studies
in our new classroom, and more.

We hope to see YOU at Enchantments soon!


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